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How Much Does Private Tuition Cost in Singapore? | Updated Rates 2024

At TuitionCentre SG, we strive to offer the most precise tuition rates for Home Tuition in Singapore. With a vast database of over 20,000 active tutors, we aim to provide the most suitable home tutors for every family and budget. We are firmly committed to our clients and promise to deliver the best service possible.

Home Tuition Rates Singapore

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Our tuition rates are not only frequently updated but also reliable. They are based on the tuition fees quoted by home tutors in Singapore and are determined by analysing over 1,000 monthly tuition applications from a pool of more than 30,000 active home tutors.

The 3 Types of Home Tutors

In this section, we will help parents understand the three main categories of Singapore home tutors to help them decide when choosing a tutor for their needs.

Tuition LevelPart-Time TutorsFull-Time TutorsEx/Current
MOE Teachers
Lower Primary (Primary 1-4)$25-$35/hr$35-$45/hr$50-$70/hr
Upper Primary (Primary 5-6)$30-$40/hr$40-$50/hr$60-$80/hr
Lower Sec (Sec 1-2)$30-$45/hr$45-$55/hr$60-$85/hr
Upper Sec (Sec 3-5)$35-$45/hr$45-$60/hr$65-$95/hr
Junior College$40-$55/hr$60-$85/hr$90-$130/hr
International Baccalaureate$40-$55/hr$60-$85/hr$90-$130/hr
IGCSE / International$30-$55/hr$45-$85/hr$60-$120/hr
Poly / University$40-$65/hr$60-$95/hr$100-$130/hr

Types of Home Tutors

There are three main categories of home tutors in Singapore: Part-Time, Full-Time, and ex-/Current MOE Teachers. This information will significantly assist you in choosing the right tutor for your needs.

Ex / Current
MOE Teachers
Around 1 to 3
Years of Experience
More Than 5
Years of Experience
National Exam Markers
(PSLE/N/O/A Levels, IBDP)
Mostly UndergraduatesMostly GraduatesMOE & NIE Trained
School Teachers
Scored Good Grades
During School Days
Large Pool of Students,
Relevant Levels & Subjects
In-Depth MOE Teaching 
Techniques & Pedagogy
Young & Vibrant, 
Small Age Gap
Highly Experienced with
All Types of Students
Wealth of Classroom 
Teaching Experience
Most Budget
Friendly Option
Highest Level
of Commitment
Most Qualified
Tutor Option

Essential Qualities to Look For In A Home Tutor

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Selecting the right home tutor can significantly impact your child’s academic progress. At TuitionCentre SG, we assist our clients in making informed decisions by offering detailed guidance on our rigorous selection process and requirements. For parents thinking of hiring a Part-Time, Full-Time or ex-/Current MOE Teacher for their child, here are some essential tips to remember.

Part-Time Tutors

woman teaching little girl to draw

Part-time tutors are typically undergraduate students currently pursuing their bachelor’s degree or degree/diploma graduates who provide tuition on a part-time basis. The following are the primary characteristics of part-time tutors.

Young and Energetic

Part-time tutors between 19 and 25 are typically young and energetic. Due to the small age gap between them and their students, they can often build a good rapport and have chemistry with them. This helps the students feel more comfortable and open up to them quickly.

Good Academic Grades

Part-time tutors often excel in their respective subjects, allowing them to confidently pass on their knowledge and tips through paid home tutoring.

Fresh & Updated Knowledge on Syllabus

Part-time tutors retain the fresh knowledge they have gained in their recent schooling. Their recent first-hand exposure to the education system allows them to relate and teach well.

Flexible Schedules

Part-time tutors have flexible schedules, allowing them to provide more hours of tutoring to students who need extra help. This can be especially useful during exam periods when students require additional revision.

Affordable Rates

Part-time tutors offer the most affordable home tuition rates compared to the other two types of tutors, as they do not possess the same experience or qualifications as full-time tutors. However, they have proven to be an effective and budget-friendly option for home tutoring in Singapore. At TuitionCentre SG, we only recommend the best part-time tutors in Singapore with reasonable tuition fees. Our selection and shortlisting criteria are as follows:

1. Good Grades in Relevant Tutoring Subjects: Our priority is ensuring that our recommended Part Time Tutors are highly qualified in their teaching subjects. To meet this standard, we only shortlist and recommend part-time tutors who have earned an A or B grade in the subjects they tutor. By following this criterion, we aim to provide our clients with the best possible selection of tutors.

2. At Least 1 Year of Tutoring Experience: We only recommend Part Time Tutors with at least one year of teaching experience, believing that good grades do not necessarily equate to good teaching.

3. Responsible & Good Commitment Level: At TCS, we understand the importance of having a reliable and consistent tutor for students. Therefore, we only recommend part-time tutors who are responsible and committed to the job for at least three months. This assures our clients that they will receive the help and support they need from our tutors.

Full-Time Tutors

full-time tutor helping young girl in written activity

Full-time tutors typically consist of degree holders who have chosen tutoring as their full-time profession. Below are the main characteristics of full-time tutors:

Highly Experienced

Most Full-Time Tutors have been tutoring for at least five years, starting during their schooling days and pursuing it as a career after graduation.

Familiar with the MOE Syllabus

Full-time tutors generally have a healthy student base of around 10 to 20 pupils at any given time. Due to their large student base, it is natural that they are familiar and up-to-date with the latest changes in the MOE syllabus.

Useful Resources & Materials

Full-time tutors typically have access to high-quality teaching materials and resources designed to help their students learn more efficiently. These resources may include comprehensive notes, concise mind maps, relevant practice questions, past exam papers, and other customised materials tailored to the specific needs of each student.

High Commitment Levels

Full-time Tutors showcase the highest commitment levels across the three tutor categories. Because tutoring is their full-time profession, they can devote most of their time and energy to their students.

Fair & Reasonable Rates

Full-time tutors in Singapore charge between $35 and $95/hour, making them affordable for most families. Hiring one is an excellent investment in education without breaking the bank.

At TuitionCentre SG, we carefully select and recommend qualified part-time tutors in Singapore at reasonable rates. Here are our selection and shortlisting criteria:

1. Relevant Teaching Experience: We make it a point to only suggest Full Time Tutors with recent experience in teaching the specified level and subject. This guarantees that the tutor is equipped with the necessary skills to guide the student and also ensures that they are familiar with the updated MOE Syllabus.

2. Good Track Record: At our tutoring service, we recommend Full Time Tutors with a track record of success and received positive feedback from previous clients. This allows us to ensure that we only recommend top-quality Full-Time Tutors to our clients.

3. Qualifications & Available Resources: Our agency greatly emphasises recommending tutors with relevant educational qualifications in the subjects they teach. For instance, a tutor with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education would be recommended for teaching preschool students. In contrast, a tutor with a degree in mathematics-related fields such as Engineering or Statistics would be recommended for teaching Maths. Additionally, we also prioritise full-time tutors who are capable of providing their teaching materials and resources. These criteria form the basis of our shortlisting process for tutors.

Ex/Current MOE Teachers

tutor teaching young student to read

MOE Teachers are NIE-trained educators who have taught or are teaching at MOE schools. Here are their main characteristics.

Trained Experts at MOE Syllabus

MOE Teachers have all undergone training at NIE to be trained school teachers and experts in the MOE Syllabus. This category of tutors has first-hand experience in teaching and even developed the MOE Syllabus as we know it.

Effective Teaching Pedagogy

MOE teachers are equipped with the necessary skills and training in teaching pedagogy by NIE. This skill set enables them to conduct lessons to facilitate effective and efficient student learning. With their experience in teaching at school, MOE teachers are able to bring out the best in every student and help them excel in the shortest possible time.

National Exam Markers

MOE Teachers are highly experienced in marking national exams such as the PSLE, N/O/A Levels, and the IB Diploma Programme. As national exam markers, they are well-versed in exam-answering techniques and strategies to help students achieve the maximum marks possible. As such, MOE Teachers are equipped to impart these skills to their students and help them excel in their exams.

Exclusive Teaching Resources

MOE teachers have exclusive access to resources such as exam papers, school notes, and topical questions that might not be available to other types of tutors. These resources have been developed carefully and can help students excel if utilised effectively.

Premium Rates

MOE teachers are highly sought-after tutors due to their extensive qualifications and teaching experience, and consequently, they are in high demand. As qualified and trained educators, clients can expect to pay a premium to engage their services. However, many clients consider these tuition fees well worth it, given that MOE Teachers consistently produce excellent academic results in a one-on-one home tuition setting.

At TCS, we carefully select and recommend highly qualified and affordable Ex/Current MOE Teachers tutors in Singapore. Here are our selection and shortlisting criteria:

1. MOE & NIE Certified Teachers Only: Our agency is committed to offering only the best MOE Teachers with an NIE Qualification. This ensures the tutor receives the necessary training, practical experience, and qualifications to be considered a full-fledged MOE School Teacher. We recommend only NIE-trained contract teachers and allied educators for this category of tutors. Furthermore, upon request, we can provide our clients with the necessary verification documentation, such as NIE and Educational Certificates.

2. Subject & Level Teaching Experience: Our agency is committed to only recommending MOE Teachers who have relevant subject and level teaching experience. For example, suppose a client needs tuition for a Sec 4 Express Pure Chemistry student. In that case, we will shortlist Ex/Current MOE Teachers who have experience teaching O-level Pure Chemistry classes in Secondary Schools. This ensures that students receive help from experts who can provide them with the necessary assistance.

3. Level of Commitment: Many clients are concerned about the commitment level of MOE Teachers due to their busy schedules. However, we ensure that our MOE Teachers commit to a minimum of 3 months before taking up a tuition assignment. This is important to guarantee that our clients receive consistent commitment, which is crucial for the student’s academic progress and improvement.

Why Hire Home Tuition?

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Investing in education through home tuition pays off. As Brad Hendy’s famous quote says, “No other investment yields as great a return as the investment in education.”

Today, the tuition industry in Singapore is valued at $1.4 billion, indicating a strong demand among parents for tuition lessons. Home tuition remains a popular choice for many parents in Singapore due to its personalised and efficient nature.

As a well-established home tuition agency, we see how many students and parents benefit from home tuition lessons. Here are strong reasons parents should hire a home tutor for their child!

Have you decided on your budget? Make the first step towards improvement today!

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