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Frequently asked questions for Tutors

Please contact us at if you have any further questions or feedback. Thank you.

  • How do I register as a tutor?

    To register as a tutor, use our online form at Please note that the minimum age to apply is 16 years old and you must have completed your GCE ‘O’ level examinations or equivalent.

  • I'm having trouble registering. Please help!

    Please double-check every field on each page of the multi-part registration form, and look out for any fields or error messages highlighted in RED. If you’ve checked carefully and are unable to find anything, please follow these steps:

    1. Take a screenshot or video of every page of the registration form

    2. WhatsApp to our technical team at +65 8022 1833.

    3. Hit the ‘Save and Exit’ button to email yourself a link for you to resume quickly later.

  • What tutor category do I belong to?

    To simplify things, we group our tutors into three main tutor categories:

    Part-Time Tutors – refers to private tutors who do it part-time e.g. A-level graduates, diploma students/graduates or university undergraduates. There are also University graduates and working professionals offering tuition part-time. If you are only tutoring part-time and have a main job or school, you are a part-time tutor.

    Full-Time Tutors – refers to private tutors who do tutoring full-time (NOT part-time). This means that tutoring is your primary source of income and is your main occupation. Full-time tutors have more teaching experience than part-time tutors as they tutor lots of students 1-to-1 as well as take up jobs in tuition centres teaching groups of students in classes.

    Note: If you have a full-time tutor with less than four years of experience, please select ‘Part-time tutor’ instead, as we do not accept full-time tutors who are too young (e.g. 24 years old). You can re-update your profile later on.

    Ex/Current School Teachers – refers to full-time ex/current school teachers either from MOE or private and international schools.

    Note: If you were a relief teacher, adjunct teacher, or allied educator teacher, please do NOT select this category. You may select a Part-Time Tutor or Full-Time Tutor instead, depending on your current tutoring commitment.

  • Do I have to upload my photo and my certs?

    TuitionCenter SG prides itself on our tutor database’s credibility, integrity, and quality.

    Please upload your certificates to support and ascertain the information presented on your profile. Doing so will significantly increase the number of jobs you receive and the chances of getting tuition assignments confirmed with us.

  • Can foreigners register as a tutor?

    Please check with the relevant authority whether you are allowed to do freelance work. Unfortunately, we are unable to advise you on this. Relevant authority: Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

    If you have been granted permission to do freelance work in Singapore by the relevant authorities, you can apply to become a tutor with us online at

  • How do I get tuition assignments?

    TuitionCentre SG receives over a hundred new tuition assignments per day.

    We will send out jobs via SMS/WhatsApp to suitable tutors who have registered with us. If you receive an invitation from us, you may apply directly through the link given to you.

    You may also visit our Tuition Assignments page, where you can view all our current available assignments and apply from the online portal as well.

  • What should I do after applying for a tuition assignment?

    After you have applied for an assignment, simply wait for up to 72 hours. Usually, if the parent is considering you, we’ll get in touch with you within 2-72 hours. Meanwhile, it is advisable to continue applying for other tuition jobs that have different timeslots.

    Also, if you have made an application for a job (i.e. via our assignments app), but wish to modify your application, please send us a Whatsapp to +65 8022 1833.

  • Why am I not getting responses after applying for several tuition assignments?

    There could be several reasons why you are not getting a response or successfully getting an assignment:

    1. Applying for assignments that are not available

    Due to overwhelming responses from our tutors, our typical window is 2-48 hours before we match the assignment successfully. Try to apply quickly for the latest assignments, especially those that are SMSes directly to you.

    2. Incomplete/unsatisfactory applications

    When applying, please be sure to include the information that is required. Typically, we ask for the job ID, your qualifications, relevant tutoring experience, rates, and available timings. Tutors who reply in full are MUCH more likely to be successful. If you do not apply adequately, you will likely not receive a reply.

    3. Applying for unsuitable assignments

    Many assignments indicate certain requirements e.g. Ex/Current MOE Tutors or female only. If you do not belong to the right category and you apply for it, you will not receive any reply.

    4. Late response

    Your chances of getting selected are higher the earlier you apply for an assignment when it’s being posted. New assignments are always marked as ‘Urgent’. When you apply for these, the success rate will be much higher.

  • Why am I not receiving any assignments?

    Usually, the reason for this is an incomplete profile or too specific a tutor’s preference.

    To increase your chances of a successful match, you can edit and complete your tutor profile to include more timing you are available for, add more subjects you are able to teach, amend your minimum rate and upload any supporting documents.

  • How should I conduct my lessons?

    You are allowed to conduct your lessons in your own preferred way, in accordance to the student’s needs.

  • What if I need to purchase materials for the lessons?

    Purchase of study materials such as revision books is up to your discretion. If you would like to be reimbursed for any purchases, you should first consult with the tutee before making any purchases as sometimes they may already have the same materials, or they may already have similar materials from school or tuition elsewhere that can be reused.

  • What is the minimum commitment?

    You are expected to commit to at least 4-weeks of tuition. If you back out of an assignment without a valid reason (e.g., illness) before completing at least 4-weeks of tuition, you will not be entitled to receive any tuition fees. i.e., The tutee shall only be required to pay 50% of the tuition fees (plus any applicable taxes) directly to the agency.

    For short-term assignments, you are expected to be committed for the period as agreed upon (usually until the student’s exams) and fulfil the minimum number of lessons specified.

    TuitionCentre SG expects its tutors to uphold integrity and responsibility by being committed to seeing the students through their exams and not back out for no valid reason. Tutors who show irresponsible or unethical behaviour may be blacklisted without warning. We will review case-by-case and take the appropriate action.

  • Can clients postpone / cancel lessons?

    Yes, clients can postpone or cancel lessons, but they must pay for all lessons conducted. Currently, we seek clients to notify the agency of any postponements or cancellations at least 24 hours prior to the lesson.

    If you were not informed in time of the affected lesson (e.g. < 2 hours), you might stand to claim up to 50% of the lesson fees as Tutor’s Compensation.

  • Can I postpone / cancel lessons?


    For tuition that has been conducted for less than four weeks of lessons, tutors are expected to commit lessons at the assigned details. However, if postponements have to be made, we require you to inform us at least 24 hours in advance of the lesson via Whatsapp at +65 8022 1833.

    After the initial 4 weeks, tutors will only need to liaise with their clients to make any changes and postponements in the lessons.

    Cancellations (Termination of lessons altogether)

    For lessons conducted for less than four weeks

    You (the tutor) are not allowed to back out of the tuition unless there is a valid excuse (e.g. Illness). If the tutor does not provide a valid reason, the tutor shall not be entitled to any tuition fees. Hence, the client shall only be required to pay 50% of the fees for the lessons conducted directly to the agency.

    For lessons conducted for more than four weeks

    You are free to cancel the tuition (although they are not encouraged to do so). Clients shall be required to pay for all lessons conducted and to pay you directly (after paying the agency commission to the agency).

  • What if there are changes to lesson frequency or duration?

    Q: Adding of subjects or students (e.g. siblings)
    A: If the parent asks you to teach additional subjects or other siblings, you must let the agency know of any added lessons as soon as possible.

    The commission shall apply to the extra subjects/lessons/students, subject to a time limit of 6 months from the original tuition arrangement.

  • How much is the agency fee?

    In general, the tuition fees for the first 2-weeks of active lessons (not the calendar month) are collected as agent commission.

    Example: Client Mary engages tutor A once per week, at $50/lesson. The agency commission equals half of 4 lessons = 2 lessons ($100).

    Please note that for short-term assignments or special cases, the commission may be different and this will be stated in the job info or communicated to you clearly prior to your acceptance.

  • How is the agency fee paid?

    The agency fee exists as a portion of the lesson fees. Hence, you do not need to make any payments to TuitionCentre SG throughout your tuition assignments.

    The commission shall be paid by the client (parent or student) directly to the agency and is due to be paid after the completion of X number of lessons by the client (will be stated clearly in the confirmation invoice – generally, this will be when the tuition fees are equivalent to the agency commission).

    After that, you may collect the tuition fees for any subsequent lessons you conducted.

  • How I am paid for the tuition lessons?

    Tutors will not be paid for the first two weeks of lessons as these are the commission fees charged by TuitionCentre SG agency on the tutors. The fees for the first two weeks of lessons (or 50% of the Total Monthly Fees) will be made directly to TuitionCentre SG, instead of to the tutors.

    You shall receive payment directly from the client for subsequent lessons (after the agency commission has been paid). Since TuitionCentre SG has already collected the commission fees, you will be paid the full tuition fees.

    Example: After completing two lessons, client Mary pays the tuition fees for the 1st and 2nd lessons directly to the agency. Client Mary then arranges to pay the tutor every subsequent four lessons.

  • Will I be paid in advance?

    You will NOT be paid in advance. All payments are made only after the requisite lessons have been conducted AND after the agency commission is collected.

  • How will I paid if the lessons were terminated within the 1st month?

    If you, the tutor, decide to drop out of the assignment (without a valid reason, such as illness backed by evidence) before completing at least 4-weeks of lessons, you are not entitled to receive any tuition fees. Otherwise, the agency and the tutor will divide the tuition fees equally.

    Q: What if there are long-term changes to lesson frequency or duration?

    A: If the duration or frequency of lessons is not uniform, TuitionCentre SG will determine the commission based on the long-term duration or frequency of lessons. You are required to inform TuitionCentre SG of any long-term changes in the lesson structure. The commission may be adjusted accordingly.

    Tutors who fail to inform TuitionCentre SG will be blacklisted.

  • How is the agency fee calculated for short-term assignments?

    Short-term assignments are defined by students who only require a fixed number of lessons until a specific exam date (usually less than 8 weeks of lessons). Long-term assignments that are terminated due to various reasons are NOT considered short-term assignments.

    For short-term assignments (a.k.a crash courses) we generally collect 25% of the TOTAL tuition fee, but the exact percentages may differ, and we will let tutors know beforehand.​​

    TuitionCentre SG is committed to protecting the welfare of our tutors. Our commission shall not exceed 25% of the tutor’s total earnings for short-term assignments only.

  • How do I feedback to TuitionCentre SG regarding my good/bad experience?

    You may email us at for any feedback or questions that are not answered under the FAQ and Terms and Conditions

    We appreciate your help in providing us with accurate feedback to improve our service and system.