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Why Be a Tutor with TuitionCentre SG?

Tuition Centre SG tuition agency has been the top tuition agency since 2016 for home tutors looking for tuition assignments or Singapore tuition jobs.

Whether you teach out of passion or to achieve your earning objectives, finding a steady flow of students who need your services is easy. Forget messy forums… no matter where you stay – East, West, North, Northeast or anywhere in Singapore – fill out the simple home tutor registration form above, and you will be paired up with qualified students who want to be tutored and will provide you with the steady employment you are seeking.

Here are some common questions tutors ask:

Q: Am I ready to take up tuition assignments?

Many students need home tutoring services from Singapore tutors. There are so many types of Singapore tutoring jobs, ranging from different subjects like Maths, Chinese, Tamil, Malay or English tuition assignments to Primary, Secondary or JC tutor jobs. Singapore tutors are really in high demand to fill these tutoring positions! This means it is not difficult to find students, even if you have no teaching experience. If you have an interest in teaching, please be welcome to step out and try it out.

You only live once, so give it a try! For all you know, giving home tuition, group tuition, or online tuition may be your passion in life and could be your long-term career!

Q: How can I be an excellent part-time or full-time tutor?

The fact that you are asking this question is a good sign – it shows that you are a responsible and committed tutor. Whether you’re looking for part-time tuition jobs or tuition assignments for teachers, always remember that parents are only willing to fork out money because they want good quality home tutors who will give their best to ensure that their children have the best advantages academically.

If you want to be an excellent private tutor, be prepared to put forth extra effort in preparing for classes and providing customised teaching to your students. Good tutors provide the help their students need in various teaching subjects and build the desire to learn and the capability to stand for themselves.

Q: How can I apply for your tuition jobs in Singapore?

The first step you can take today would be to apply to be a tutor by filling in the tutor registration form at the top of this page.

The Home Tutor Application is a quick form to help establish your profile, teaching credentials and tutoring preferences, which will assist us in pairing you with students. You may choose to specialise in a particular area of education you are good at or provide general tutoring for multiple subjects.

Once you are a registered tutor for our tuition agency, you can find many job opportunities with our website, which provides the latest tuition agency assignments that include the level, address, subject/topic that the student will need services for, the student’s preferred day and timing, and offered tuition rates. TuitionCentre SG will also proactively contact you to inform you of any tuition jobs matching your profile.

We offer opportunities all over SG, including tuition assignments in the East, in the West, in the North, and even in the Northeast. You can also like our Facebook page to get informed of home tuition assignments there.

Q: I am a MOE Teacher. Should I Become a Home Tutor?

Teachers who provide home tuition have shared that doing so has rekindled their joy in teaching and that teaching home tuition is more rewarding than teaching in schools.

One main reason is that students who engage in private tuition are often genuinely interested in learning the material you have to impart. This is a considerable shift from a classroom of restless students who wish to avoid paying attention and handling such disturbance comes with the territory of teaching in a school.

MOE teachers who started tutoring part-time at our TutionCentre SG tuition agency eventually transitioned into full-time teaching tuition as a tutor. It can be a smart career move, as tutoring full-time offers much flexibility and autonomy that a standard job cannot provide. MOE Tutors also command an excellent hourly rate, which can add up to more than a government salary.

As an MOE-trained teacher, your experience and areas of expertise are exactly what many students need. Start experiencing the joys of tutoring by registering with us and finding a student or two. For all you know, you’ll love it!

Benefits of Being a Tutor

Whether you’re new to tutoring or an experienced school teacher, we welcome you to join our passionate team of tutors. It’s really easy to get started.

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  • Flexibility of Schedule

    Control Your Time

    You are in charge of your life. We all live once, and time is the only commodity we cannot get more of. Do what you love, when you want.

  • Get Paid Well

    Full Time Tutors Earn More Than the Median Salary

    What better way to make a living while completely controlling your time?

  • Start Instantly

    Get tuition assignments fast

    Register as a tutor through our online form, completely fill out your profile and preferences, and you will get matched quickly. Start earning in two weeks.
  • Make a Difference

    Feel fulfilled doing what you love

    Get to personally help, tutor and interact with various students from all walks of life. Help these students achieve their full potential and make a difference in their academic pursuits – change lives while getting paid!

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