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Home Tuition Rates in Singapore

Our tuition rates are constantly updated based on tuition fees quoted by Home Tutors in Singapore. These home tuition rates are based on thousands of actual market transactions of successful tuition applications since 2016 with our pool of over 20,000+ active home tutors.

Prevailing Market Rates (Last Update: 020424)
Tuition LevelPart-Time TutorsFull Time TutorsEx/Current MOE Teachers
Pre-School$25-$35/hr (PT)$40-$50/hr (FT)$50-$70/hr (MOE)
Lower Primary$25-$35/hr (PT)$35-$45/hr (FT)$50-$70/hr (MOE)
Upper Primary$30-$40/hr (PT)$40-$50/hr (FT)$60-$80/hr (MOE)
Lower Secondary$30-$45/hr (PT)$45-$55/hr (FT)$60-$85/hr (MOE)
Upper Secondary$35-$45/hr (PT)$45-$60/hr (FT)$65-$95/hr (MOE)
Junior College$40-$55/hr (PT)$60-$85/hr (FT)$90-$130/hr (MOE)
International Baccalerate$40-$55/hr (PT)$60-$85/hr (FT)$90-$130/hr (MOE)
IGCSE/Int.$30-$55/hr (PT)$45-$85/hr (FT)$60-$120/hr (MOE)
Poly / University$40-$60/hr (PT)$60-$95/hr (FT)$100-$130/hr (MOE)
Adult$30-$45/hr (PT)$40-$65/hr (FT)$70-$100/hr (MOE)

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