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All that we really want as parents...

We just want the best for our children...

For them to have a better future than we have and be the best that they can be.

3 minutes of your time could change your child’s foundation and set your child to soar. 

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From dangling rewards for results, to burning our Saturdays waiting for them to finish their tuition at the Tuition Centre, to piles upon piles of assessment books!

As parents, we've tried everything.

Nothing seems to work.


Sometimes, all a child needs is some personal attention. For someone to move at his pace and motivate the child simultaneously. We all have walked through their footsteps. It was not easy for us then.

The right pre-qualifed personal home tutor can make a world of difference.


Yes, Please help.

Your child could find his/her love for knowledge and excel!

Things could be different

Their confidence builds as they see small successes and milestones along their schooling journey.

Studying becomes no longer a chore but a new adventure they can’t wait to embark on each day.

The little time we have in our busy lives to spend with our kids becomes more fulfilling and joyful.

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Empowering your Child's Future

What are the benefits of Private Home Tuition?

Empower my child today!

The benefits of an investment in your child's education is immense and tangible. We know that starting them early on the right path with the correct foundation will bring many benefits down the road.

Below are just some benefits that a good home tutor can bring to your child's future and success.

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Testimonials from Parents and Students

Are you looking for reliable one-to-one private tuition service in Singapore? Your search ends with Tuition Centre SG (TCS).

As a Singapore tuition agency, TCS remains a stalwart mainly due to its backing of our 20,000+ qualified, verified and experienced private tutors.

With nearly a decade of experience providing home tuition services across Singapore, we have successfully matched thousands of students and tutors.

    Highly recommended. Coordinator helped to match my requirements with the right tutor. Even followed up with me after a few months to check on us and get feedback.


    Very happy with their service. Through them my son managed to find a suitable English tutor who helped him improve his essay writing. I highly recommend


    I have tried a few tutor agencies and found that's platform is the friendliest and easiest to navigate. They will give me a rough budget to consider and managed to match my children to suitable tutors.


    I was having trouble finding a good tutor for my daughter as my daughter has special needs, understood my requirements and managed to find a tutor who was patient and helpful towards my daughter, I highly recommend their services.


    I like that the form fill of the website was very comprehensive and easy to navigate. They are also very responsive on WhatsApp which makes the tutor tuttee pairing much more efficient. Thumbs up!


    TuitionCentre SG has always been my go-to tuition agency in Singapore. They are efficient, experienced and have my interest in mind. Both my two daughters have excellent tutors because of them.

    Cherry Tan